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The Top 8 Reasons Why I Love Showit as a Website Designer and Developer

March 2, 2021

In my 20 years of creating websites, I’ve used a lot of website platforms I’ve really liked. There was always something I’d love to change if it were possible so I hadn’t really found the one. I had heard of Showit but it was originally a Flash builder and I didn’t see that tech lasting much longer (and I was right) so I didn’t dive in. But then they released Showit5…

I. Was. Hooked! It was based on HTML5 and I loved the features so much. I started using it a bit in 2017 and worked with it exclusively from 2018 to 2020. We offer Shopify, Squarespace, and Webflow but still use Showit with almost every client and our own sites. It even helped us triple our income in just 12 months! So here’s why we love Showit so much.

1. Full Creative Control

I’ve been coding since 2001 when I first taught myself how to create websites but it still takes a lot more time than simply using a platform. Plus, I wanted to choose something that would be great for our clients in the long run. The first thing I loved about Showit was having complete control over the design so I could be super creative.

Showit being drag and drop makes developing the site take way less time and clients can maintain their own site. I love that I can create a strategy for clients and make their site super fun and unique while also focusing on conversion.

2. Custom or Template

Another thing I love about Showit is you can create a site based on a template if you want, from complete scratch, or create a hybrid if you need to save time! In Showit, you can add entire pages to your site or just one canvas (section). It allows you to not be held down by a template and trying to make the needs of your clients fit the design. You can create whatever they need based on what will wow their ideal audience and get them to inquire or buy.

3. Super Flexible

Even as someone who finds coding really fun, I love how little I have to deal with code when using Showit. I often add CSS to use on brand Adobe fonts, embed email newsletter forms, or embed Shopify Lite or ThriveCart for shops and courses, but typically I don’t need to add more.

I love that there is the option to embed whatever you may need though so I can meet almost all my clients needs without moving to another platform. And Showit enables me to keep as much of my content on my site, boosting SEO. I can create link pages (similar to and even funnel pages for webinars and passive income. I love the versatility.

4. Great for Clients

Another benefit to using Showit is that the learning curve is super low for someone simply maintaining their website. It’s a huge value to your clients if they can maintain their own site because they aren’t having to pay monthly for work they may not even need. They are less likely to invest more on the onset because they need to account for monthly charges and will try and get you to do big updates within their monthly hours.

I find clients can come back and work with me again because I provide a lot more value from the start, they invest and make that back, then they are ready to book big updates as their business grows. It helps them earn their investments back that much faster, building trust.

5. Merges with WordPress Seamlessly

WordPress can be a powerful platform but without a full-time developer on their team, my clients can really struggle to maintain their site. I love the Showit allows you to use WordPress with all of the benefits and none of the cons.

WordPress has been the leader in blogging for a reason and I love that you can utilize the drag and drop abilities of Showit and not have to code anything. You can optimize the SEO very easily and being able to use other plugins, password protected pages, and more. It makes Showit even more flexible and you can create just about anything for your site.

6. Fantastic Support

I love that Showit offers a variety of support and community options so even when my clients launch, they can get help if something is going on with their site, even the WordPress side! WordPress being open source leads to you having to search through forums and you may never find the answer but Showit has your back!

They have in-app chat support, emergency support if your site goes offline, and a fantastic Facebook Group that not only answers questions, but celebrates launches and has people looking for Showit designers pretty often. I love that you have access to the team in multiple ways.

7. Mobile Design

On a lot of platforms, they automatically use responsiveness to make your site mobile friendly. Think Squarespace when you have a 3 column section that becomes stacked. But sometimes, it’ll look all wonky or include too much scrolling and you wish you could hide into without diving deep intoo the code.

On Showit, you design and develop the mobile experience completely separately. It gives you full control over the entire look and feel of the site and can help you better convert mobile users by simplifying the site. A better user experience takes all precedent over the mobile website and with Showit, you can dictate what that is like more that any other platform while not having to code hundreds of lines of HTML and CSS.

8. Overall Boost to my Business

When I started excclusively offering Showit, I saw a huge shift in my business. Not only was I so much more confident in my websites and skillset, but I was getting BIG results for myself and clients. Their testimonials were booking me bigger and more amazing projects and I was getting so much more value for my clients.

That confidence helped me to better market myself and I made more money with less clients! With Showit, I could actually create what was best to implement the strategies I was creating. Clients saw huge boosts in their own income and more happy clients led to more projects that were similar. I started becoming known for Showit, which I love because it helps me to better connect with collaborates and potential projects!

Are you a designer and have you been feeling stuck using your current platform? Maybe it’s time for a change!

I've used a lot of platforms in my 20 years creating websites and Showit is by far my favorite. I want to share my top 8 reasons I use it.

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