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What Makes a Website So “Expensive”?

June 1, 2021

Much like a brand, a website can feel really overwhelming as a business owner. You’re told (rightfully so) that making a website investment is absolutely necessary when you own a business. Whether you’re just starting out or need a new online experience for your high end offerings, leveling up your website can make a huge difference in your business. When you’re looking to hire someone, you can experience sticker shock when hearing the cost.

But something often overlooked is that a website is an investment, not an expense. You’re not meant to pay for a website and get nothing in return. There’s a lot that goes into a high-converting website and can determine the price paid to make it happen.

01. Return on Investment

Speaking of return on investment, websites are a key place in your business you can figure out if you’ve made your money back on what you paid and how long it took. Service providers and shops make their income on their website. And with tools like Google Analytics, you can track how much more traffic you get after launch. Seeing tangible returns makes your website the most valuable asset in your business and essential to making an impactful income for yourself.

The experience your designer and developer bring to the table to make your site so valuable is worth a lot of money. The work they’ll do will directly make you more income and last years to come, the foundational bits anyway. Your site is always evolving but they should be giving you a solid foundation and space for your business now and in the future. Because you aren’t redesigning your website over and over from scratch, the initial investment will be more.

02. Keeping More of Your Time

The experience of those you’ve hired will also save you weeks or even months of time trying to figure out how to make your website yourself. To start, it can work (done is better than perfect every time) but when it’s time to level up in your business, DIY won’t cut it. You need those years of experience to be strategic, that designer’s eye to make everything beautiful and engaging, and your developer to make the site interesting and worth staying on for the visitor. There’s a lot of moving parts!

You’re able to keep running your business, offering your premium services, and selling your products without slowing down so you can keep bringing in income while someone else handles all the website’s needs. Not losing that time and having to Google your way to an ok website is also super valuable. You get what you pay for and this is a place in your business where you want to make a solid investment.

03. Digs Into Your Whole Business

When you work on your website, because it’s so integral to your business, you have a chance to really dive into every corner of your business and make it better or understand it better. Each phase of our process is meant to help our clients think through their business, clients, processes, marketing, and more so when we launch, their business is better for it!

We start with strategy, further nailing down their dream audience/client, setting goals for the future of their business, and figuring out how to present their messaging. Their branding and strategy during that helps guide us and we expand on it even more giving them a lot of clarity. Then the design is driven by the strategy, copy, brand, and imagery. We create the experience we’ve outlined in the strategy for the visitor through visual cues.

Once we develop the site, this is when we starting talking about the launch, figuring out how the client will not only market their launch but bring attention and traffic to the site well after their launch. All of these things are valuable because it would take hiring multiple people, like a coach or marketing manager, to accomplish. Those things are still important to hire out for! But getting to delve into your business and improve it while relaunching is going to get you much better results and conversions.

Websites are the strongest tool in your business arsenal and making sure they are done right is imperative to having huge results and growth in your business. If you’re ready to elevate your website or find out how to improve your current one, reach out! We’re happy to help!

What makes websites so "expensive'? What exactly goes into a website? Here's our website investment explanation on the blog!

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