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Recently Launched: Tom Thornton Photography with Rhema Design Co.

February 22, 2022

Tom Thornton Photography is a really unique photographer we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Tom came to us after working with our brand partner Rhema Design Co. on a custom brand and we loved it! The touch of neon with warm neutrals was a dream and we were so excited when Tom booked us as well. Tom had tried to implement his new brand on his website but it was not conveying the approach he took with his clients. We wanted to really showcase the warm and candid moments that he captures and with his new site, we totally nailed that vibe.


Tom hired a copywriter to communicate not only his value, but the special touches he brings to his work. His about page was the first client story I read that made me cry. It’s so touching what inspires him to be a photographer and I wanted his copy to be front and center, equal to his beautiful work. I also wanted to feature each service Tom provides so both the weddings and portraits got their own pages with highlighted portfolios on each. We wanted to site streamlined and easy to navigate.

In Tom’s Words

“I had mostly been doing this alone, and it wasn’t until I found you that I considered hiring this service out to a pro! Your skill and knowledge was apparent, and your connection with AnnaKate essentially sealed the deal. Y’all are a team, and I loved it! You made it easy to release control of the entire process. You were professional and skillful in your craft, and easy to get along with. Your ability to see my vision and put it into a tangible product that surpassed my expectations was my favorite part. You also just are so so sweet, and there wasn’t a moment that I felt like I didn’t trust you.

People LOVE IT. I’ve had so many compliments on the level of work that is there now, and it seems like quality of inquiries are just increasing by the day. Truly, you killed it, Stefani!”

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