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Recently Launched: Studio Terrain

June 8, 2021

Studio Terrain was a literal dream to work with. We first met Fatima (our first local client) when we did our brand photoshoots last year with Christina Harrison. She recommended Fatima’s work for the floral elements I wanted to include and she did not disappoint! You’ve seen my images I’m sure and all those beautiful blooms are thanks to Studio Terrain.

Fatima was looking to elevate her website to the same level as her premium and artistic arrangements for a wide array of clients. She is so fantastic at building a close connection with her clients. Working with her was so fun to bring that messaging to life.


We already had Studio Terrain’s beautiful branding to work with so we dove right into the strategy. We wanted visitors to feel an instant connection to the studio and space so we merged the about page and homepage together! Fatima also serves different audiences, the main divide being between wedding couples and businesses or events. So we created two separate services pages with focused contact forms. That way, people could focus on their needs. We could speak directly to solving the problem they faced: finding a super talented floral artist.

Studio Terrain is a Michigan-based floral studio creating unique and artistic arrangements for weddings, events, corporate, and more!

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With connection being a major player in Studio Terrain’s messaging, we wanted to make sure that we used the warmth of her color palette to make visitors feel welcome. Her brand also had such pretty floral elements we used through the site to tie everything together. Since Fatima’s work is photographed by so many talented photographers, all with their own style, we used the flower graphics to make all the work feel cohesive. She also had a wonderful photoshoot (at the same place we had ours, Studio Studio in Ann Arbor) and they perfectly matched the tone of her business.

Another design decision we made was having focused galleries where you could focus on each wedding. This really highlights each photographer’s work and the insanely amazing florals Fatima’s team created for the special day. The galleries for the other services were more mixed but focused on the type of her Studio Terrain completed for that client.


One of my favorite features on the whole site is the menu. Not only does it turn black on the homepage when you scroll, but it has some fun dropdowns that feel super custom. For instance, Fatima needed separate service pages for the different people that would be looking to book her. So I made a large dropdown for her services so the visitor can choose. The contact information also didn’t need its own page when both the services pages had their own contact form. This made Studio Terrain’s site easier to navigate and use.

The Studio Terrain site came out amazing! Make sure to give it a visit and find your favorite spot.

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