relaunch your brand and website to better align with your message?

Build trust in your offerings with less emails and questions?

Feel confidence when sending people your website link?

Better connect and serve your community, making an impact?

grow your income to meet your goals and define your success?

convert more site visitors with an intentional design?

What if you could...

You can have all that...and more.

At December Oak, we believe that investing in your business opens doors and opportunities that would take years of scrappy hustle to achieve. We want our clients to accomplish big goals while getting to do more of what they love.

How we serve your business

At December Oak, we offer a range of services to meet all of your website needs. With 20 years experience, we're here to provide you foundational support.

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Our signature process

01 — strategy

First, we dive into your business and figure out what goals you have and how we can best achieve them.

02 — Design

Next, we'll take all the intention we've outlined and translate that into a beautiful website.

03 — Development

This is when your site truly comes to life! We'll develop your site on the ideal platform for your needs.

04 — Launch

It's time to launch! We'll take care of the tech and we can brainstorm some ideas to excite your audience.

We're a perfect fit if you...

trust the process

Our goal throughout the whole experience you will have working with us is to make you feel supported and understood. We are here to educate where needed but take over when it's our time to shine.

We have a solid, collaborative process we've honed in over 7 years in business to make sure you're never lost during our timeline together.

love aesthetic

We understand that visuals matter in your business. A strategic website doesn't have to look archaic! We assist you in not only communicating your brand in the most beautiful way and showcase your work, but we do so with intention and conversion in mind. Your site can still be aesthetically driven and make you money. We aim to marry the two sides of having a creative business. Then you get to focus on what you love to do, create!

want a partner

Our process includes working very closely with our clients. We are there every step of the way, from helping you share your brand, copy, and images with us to designing your whole site and developing it so you are taken care of from beginning to end.

But we also want you to feel like you are being heard and that we are representing your brand effectively!

have big goals

Do you have longterm dreams and milestones you're looking to achieve? Let's connect then!

With the time and money investment involved in a custom website, we are able to best serve business owners who are serious, passionate, and ready to change their lives with their business. We aim to set you up for success.

kind words

We've received a ton of very positive feedback about how the new brand and site very much reflect our business and us, as owners! We're looking forward to being able to impress and greatly educate our potential clients!

You helped to prioritize our goals and our values as a business, and figure out the best strategic way to display those goals and values in a beautiful, custom site!

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Frequently asked questions

Does every site include strategy?

Whenever you work with us 1:1, you will be receiving a website strategy. We believe every business can benefit from a custom website. We will build a custom package when you want to book to make sure we meet your needs.

How do I book branding, too?

If you are in need of a new brand, we partner with an extremely talented and passionate brand partner and can build a team of experts to meet your needs. We happily match you with the perfect service providers for you!

What if I've recently rebranded?

Already have an amazing, strategic brand? We're happy to create a custom experience to immerse your website visitors in your business. We ask that you minimally have certain files so we're happy to check if you do!


who do you work with?

We work with all types of businesses! Our main criteria for a dream client is being passionate, driven, ready to lean on an expert to create something amazing for their business, and having a business that relies on aesthetics.

how long is the timeline?

Our timelines vary based on the project needs but we typically book our clients for a total of 8-12 weeks, depending on their package. We also typically book 2-4 months out so if you're interested in working together, reach out soon!

do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer either 3 equal payments over the timeline or monthly payment plans up to 6 months. We're happy to figure out which one will work best and you'll know when all payments would be due prior to booking.


do you offer hourly work?

We do not currently offer any hourly work, but do have VIP days where we're all yours for 8 hours. If you're looking for anything less than a fully custom website, we will book an audit with you and let you know what you need done.

What if I need updates after launch?

We also offer VIP days (at a special rate) to past custom clients. We love that most site platforms are super easy for our clients to maintain so you're not obligated to pay us monthly. You rebook only when you need us.


We primarily use (and love) Showit. We also integrate shops onto Showit sites using Shopify Lite and ThriveCart! Have a larger store? We'll use Shopify. We also offer Webflow for clients needing advanced animation.


Are you ready to have a website that is artistic but converts?

We understand how important an aesthetically beautiful site is to you. Who says you have to sacrifice your art, brand, or message in order to make a living as a creative or shop owner?

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December Oak has helped over 150 businesses transform their website and make a living following their passion. We're ready to help you!

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