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Recently Launched: Rhema Design Co. – Brand Partner

May 4, 2021

Rhema Design Co. is our brand partner and we love working with AnnaKate. Her work is always so unique and intentional and she creates such well-rounded brands that we have so much to work with when creating our sites. When it was time (finally, we’d been wishing to work with her forever!) to work together on her own site, we were so excited! Her old site was not bad honestly, very clean and easy to navigate. But there were strategic missteps that were leading to her receiving low budget inquiries and she was unsure how to add passive income on her old website. That’s where we came in!

Not only did we need to totally overhaul AnnaKate’s site to better convert clients, but we needed to add new ways to serve her audience through a shop and soon to launch course. With a larger site, we needed to be as intentional as her brand approach with every detail in her new site. With the bold new colors and variety of logo marks I could use, I knew we’d be able to create something amazing and help her stand out in the design industry!

Rhema Design Co. is our brand design partner and we had the honor of creating a custom Showit website with a shop. Learn more about the project. #customwebsite #showitwebsite #websitelaunch #branddesign #onlineshop


As I mentioned, even with AnnaKate’s beautiful brand designs, she was getting low ball offers when people reached out wanting to work with her. Her new brand she created was so fun and different than any I saw in the brand designer industry right now and I knew her site needed to communicate the high end, hands on approach she takes with every client. I knew special details and especially artistic layouts would give visitors moments of ‘wow’ as they scrolled through the site.

The site is one of the largest we’ve created and it’s still very easy to browse. I wanted someone to land on the site and take a journey learning all about AnnaKate and Rhema and why working with her would transform their business. Her photos from Kayley Lorraine and copy from Kayla Hollatz along with her brand gave me all of the tools I needed to communicate her value and present her offerings as a refined and super custom experience.


This is one of my most bold websites I’ve ever been able to make. I absolutely love the fonts and color palette (the light green is my favorite) and it was so fun to use them in bold ways, like as backgrounds. Along with her photography and all the logos, I was able to break up her messaging in beautiful layouts and give the visitor moments to read over her copy. It’s so important to make sure it’s easy to read through the copy on your site because that’s what will convert people. The design is what helps people stay longer and have more of an opportunity to understand your value, expertise, and how you solve their problem. AnnaKate has the perfect combination to really wow her site visitors and get her message across.


As people scrolled the site, I wanted elements to build or fade in to create movement. I also added surprise hover effects and galleries to showcase more of AnnaKate’s work. It makes it more engaging and interactive to go through her site. The shop is also so fun in that berry red color and even though the color is bold, the layouts are more expected to make using the shop very intuitive to customers and make it easy to use.

There are 3 features that especially stand out to me as some of my favorite designs and functionality I’ve ever done on a client’s site!


I absolutely love full-screen moments and AnnaKate’s menu is so editorial and dynamic. I loved that she used layered and framed images for her guides for clients, so I took a lot of inspiration from that. The split animation is the best though! I love how unexpected and modern it is and her menu is hard to miss now! We list out all the ways AnnaKate can help the visitor so it’s easy for them to work with her or buy from the shop.


A full-screen footer?! You bet! Like I said, I just loved that bright green and thought it’d be a perfect end to the site after seeing all a page had to offer. There’s a quick way to join her email list and follow along on social media. I love that it fills the screen and is a moment or break from all the other details. It’s more minimal and shows the high end potential of her brand.

Rhema Design Co. is our brand design partner and we had the honor of creating a custom Showit website with a shop. Learn more about the project. #customwebsite #showitwebsite #websitelaunch #branddesign #onlineshop


AnnaKate had a lot of build up, giveaways, and even an Instagram Reel celebrating her launch. I loved that she would tell me she had so little to do before launching. I always try and take as much off our client’s hands when we launch so they can focus on their community and celebrating such a big change in their life and business. We still have more elements launching this year and I can’t wait to share more as we create more offerings for Rhema Design Co.

As I mentioned, AnnaKate is our brand partner so if you’re as blown away by her site as I am, you can book us both to get an experience that will elevate your business to the next level and reach your goals! Contact me and let’s get started! I would love to work with you to bring your brand to life and AnnaKate and I create pure magic together!

Get AnnaKate’s perspective here!

Rhema Design Co. is our brand design partner and we had the honor of creating a custom Showit website with a shop. Learn more about the project.  #customwebsite #showitwebsite #websitelaunch #branddesign #onlineshop

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