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Since starting our business in 2014, we've worked with a lot of tools when running our business. We've curated our most favorite and ones we use every single day.

December Oak Education

The importance of google analytics


your website tech, simplified

YOU NEED website privacy polices


The brand blueprint

A podcast all about leveling up your visuals, brand & life.

Play it brave

A podcast for brave creatives. Are you ready to play it brave?

brand cultivated

A podcast with tips & tricks to grow your e-commerce brand.


A podcast about what it takes to grow a life & business you love.

Website Apps & Tools

There are fundamental elements you need to build an amazing website. We've tried the many options out there over the years and have found the ones that best meet all of our needs.


Essential Tools

Can't make a website without 'em!


Whether it's our custom or template websites, we use Showit.


The best and easiest way to sell your products online!

the contract shop

Legally protect your website minus the lawyer and high fees.


Our go-to place for affordable and easy-to-mange domains.

our recommended SEO + marketing EXPERTS

Till Agency

Fellow Catan-loving guys who know a thing or two about ads.

Moreno Collective

Ryan is an SEO specialist who knows his way around Showit!

High-quality visuals for your site

stock photography

Moyo studio

Minimal, high end stock photography and PSD mockups.


Inclusive photography and video, a beautiful way to showcase diversity.


Free-to-use stock imagery curated by artists around the world.

death to stock

Free monthly image sets and a membership that includes video!

beautiful graphics to enhance your brand


Free customizable illustrations of people, plants, cities, and more!

Silbia ro

Silbia owns House of Modern Letters, a calligraphy shop.

The December Oak Shop

Our website templates are created with strategy and beautiful design to make your business a showstopper online. Make money and wow your visitors.


Lots of clean white space and minimal details to showcase your brand and highlight your work in the best light.

Bon Vivant

Classic scrapbook details that feel timeless. This template has a personal touch, great for a personal business.


Feminine and bold, this template has color-blocking to distinguish your copy and make it pop.


Light and airy brands were made for Lyric. Lots of large images and calligraphy details create a high end aesthetic.

Business apps

What we use to run our business


The best email list software out there! Get 30 days free!

The Contract shop

Protect your business with contracts, agreements, and courses.


Keep track of your business. Timelines, content calendars, and more.


Contracts, invoicing, and more. Get 50% off your first year!


The ease of Gmail with the power of business tools.


Setup consultations without a million emails. Send a link, BAM! Done.


See how your feed will look and auto-schedule your Instagram!


Plan out your Pinterest to optimize the conversion & traffic.


High-quality video conferencing that is easy to use? Sign me up!


More than just storage. Sync your online, desktop, and mobile files.


Launch your signature course or build an empire!


Keep track of your hours to ensure you're being compensated properly!


Streamlined communication with your team and clients.


Seamless personal and business checking and savings accounts.

On the biz bookshelf

These books have helped us in our business to elevate our messaging, marketing, brand, website, communication, and inspired us to keep moving forward.

Expert Secrets

by Russell Brunson


by Donald Miller

brand brilliance

by Fiona Humberstone

dream big...

by Abadesi Osunsade


by Michelle Obama

Our best life hacks

Running a business is hard work, so we use these apps to stay organized and take care of ourselves. From finances to dinner, we love using these services.


$40 off your first box! Perfectly portioned meals to your door.


Budget and manage your money in a simple (and fun) way.


Being more healthy is as easy as taking daily, personalized supplements.


Automate saving money your way. Signup and get money to start!

December oak community

Join our community, The Profitable Pursuit, where you can ask your most pressing website and business questions, learn from video tutorials, watch our live website audits, and more.

A quick reminder...

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means, I get a small commission if you purchase through this link. However, I make it a point to only share tools and resources I truly love and use.