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The Journey to a Successful Website — Our Process

September 16, 2019

In today’s business world, a website is a must-have. For most businesses, your website is your one big chance to impress and make an impact on your audience. It could be the difference between being paid or not. That’s where our process comes into play.

We’ve been refining our process over the last 5 years to create websites that not only are visually beautiful but strategic so that it converts. We aim to make websites that are less corporate and more artistic but that doesn’t mean it can’t make you money. There are 4 main phases that we move through during our timelines.

Phase 1 — Strategy

Once we’ve started curating the building blocks of the website, we have a strategy call to start building the reasons why behind the website design and development. On this call, we go over the sitemap plan (what pages the site will have) and how users will navigate the site.

Then I begin working on the outlines and plans that will develop into a full website for that client. In addition to the sitemap, I work through some of the initial design ideas that will communicate the client’s brand and message clearly.

Phase 2 — Design

Next up in the process is the website design, which starts with a mockup. I create a static version of the website so the client can see what everything will look like on every page. We work together to perfect the look in this stage, since this is when their brand and message shine most. The way the site looks is our moment to impact the viewer in the few seconds they have to decide to stay or go.

Phase 3 — Development

Our process continues into the development phase. We use multiple platforms depending on what will work best for the client’s goals. But we approach every site with the idea of immersion in mind.

Through animation, features that require hovering or clicking a button, and movement through parallax, we keep visitors engaged and exploring the site. The longer someone is on your site, the more they learn about your business leading to more trust and ideally a purchase or inquiry! Once the demo site is signed off on, it’s time for the final phase…

Phase 4 — Launch

The final (and most exciting, let’s be honest) phase in the process is launching! We pride ourselves in taking care of all the tech and little details during this period of the timeline because we want to help our clients focus on the marketing that is essential to a successful launch. We transfer the domain, test the site inside and out, and get the site ready to go live!

Our clients do giveaways, share on social media, and pump up their email lists for their launch while we do the website details in the background. Then it’s time to celebrate and go live! To say goodbye to the project, we deliver a video made just for our client going over their new site and how to maintain and use it so they aren’t stuck waiting on a spot on our calendar to boost their pricing or add their new puppy to the family section of their about page.

So how about you? Are you in need of a process that will transform your website? Let’s connect!

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