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How to Craft the Perfect About Page

August 10, 2020

The about page is the hardest page to create on a website, and this is coming from a website designer. When we recently relaunched, we were stuck on this page for a while. It needed to be right! A lot of people think the about page is a place for the visitor or potential client to learn all about you and what you like. But most creatives share way too much about their life and not enough about their business.

Strategy is essential on your about page to connect with your visitor, communicate how you are the answer to their problem, and guide them to other areas of your business. You can achieve this by including six key points on your about page.

Introduce Yourself

It’s super important to start your about page introducing you. Even if you aren’t the focus of your brand (like if you have a team for instance), you are giving the visitor a face to who they will relate most to. A great way to start talking about yourself is to relate to their current struggles and let them know you’ve been there. Most of us have overcome the very issues we’re helping our clients to fix so it’s a great way to build quick connection.

You also want to share more about your expertise and skills so they know why you’re the best choice for them to hire. Touch on your years of experience, what you specialize in, and how many clients you’ve been able to help already.

Tell the Story of Your Business

This is your opportunity to establish your business as trustworthy and flesh out the journey you’ve been on. When sharing where you started and where you are now, make sure to touch on moments that were milestones and goals you’ve acheived.

You also want to share more about your team if you have one and share accolades like podcasts you’ve been on and conferences and events you’ve been invited to speak at. This will add a lot of trust and credibility to your business and show your positioning within your industry.

Share Your Mission and Beliefs

We all have an ideal client and this is where you want to make them feel seen, understood, and valued. Describe the types of clients you like to work with! Be open and frank about who you can best serve so it’s crystal clear.

You’ll also want to share and philosophies or beliefs you follow within your business to further connect with that ideal person. If you touch on what you want to do through your business to the community around you, they’ll know working with you has a larger impact than just booking a service provider or buying your products. People want to invest in brands that feel impactful and worthy of their energy, time, and money.

Include Targeted Testimonials

Testimonials should be throughout your site and the about page is no different. You want to make sure the reviews you use make sense for that particular page and speak to what it’s like to work with your business. If someone has shared why you were the best option for them, how you were able to solve their problems, or the results your specific process got them, those all would be great for this page.

Add Something Special

You want to add something extra to the page that further engages the visitor with your business and personality. Sharing a quiz or a fun way to answer some quick questions about yourself is a great idea. Sharing your freebie opt in and some of your favorite blog posts also highlights other way people can engage with you directly.

End With a Bang

The most important part is how you end the page. You want a clear call-to-action on where your visitor should go next. If you’re a service provider, you’ll want to direct them most likely to your portfolio or services. Shop owners will want to direct them to your products so they can make a purchase. Don’t leave someone guessing on any page but especially on an about page, it’s easy to click away without a clear next step.

Is it time to work on your own about page? What is the first thing you’re changing? Check out our about page for more inspiration and to learn more about December Oak!

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