We're stefani and Chris

We've been together for 13 years and still aren't sick of each other, a miracle! But for real, we love working together and having a partner to help our clients in a unique way.

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I've been designing and coding websites since I was 12 and I can't get enough. I love connecting strategy, design, and tech into one place and helping creative business owners make real money from pursuing their passions.

I'm the strategic side of things, designing our client sites and templates and working with Chris to bring creative solutions to the development phase.

A bit more about me

Guilty pleasure

horror movies

Dinner with someone, dead or alive

maya angelou

dream vacation

japan & Calabria, italy


My cooking "skills"


perfecting the details

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I'm new to this small business community, but I have been obsessed with tech my whole life. From building my own computer to learning code, I fit right into my IT job at Ford. The opportunity to work from home with Stefani and help our clients make real money from their website has been really fulfilling. I'm the logical side of the coin, making sure our clients don't stress over the small, techy details of their site.

a few of my favorite things



board game


type of vacation

new places to explore

sci-fi tv show

The expanse

rock band

coheed and cambria

So how do we team up to provide the best experience for our clients?

Plain and simple, our zones of genius perfectly compliment one another. We think differently so we're able to bring necessary approaches together on every project.

Stefani brings creativity to the table

I've been sketching, creating art, and writing since I was a kid. I love flexing the right side of my brain and bringing unique solutions to any problem or mystery before me. I approach strategy this way as well to bring life to each website we create.

Chris makes sure everything works perfectly

I'm  logical in my own way that is different than Stefani tends to be which works great when we're building a website. She has all the  goals in mind and I make sure they come together in the most streamlined and strategic way. We want to make sure our clients succeed and I aim to make it simple.




Custom website

Website templates

Website development

A website designed and developed just for you from scratch, so we can do what it takes to get you a dream life.

DIY or work with us to start with a template and create a site that helps you stand out and make money.

Are you a designer needing your creation brought to life? We are developers who understand design.

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