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Recently Launched: Madeline Moore Events with Old City Mailroom

November 30, 2020

Madeline Moore Events is one of my first ever clients when I first started my business. We’ve both grown so much since first working together. I was so happy when she reached out to reconnect and have a really unique opportunity: to be able to update and refine my own work from 3+ years ago and see how much my style and approach have changed!

Inbetween working with me and working with me again, Madeline had worked with the incredibly talented Andi of Old City Mailroom to overhaul her branding. I love it so much! It’s so fun and reminds my of a glass of champagne at a party you just have to be invited to.

I love that Madeline approaches each wedding she plans wanting to allow the couple to fully enjoy their day. No stress, no fuss. I want the same for my clients and I loved working with her again to create a fun but refined website for the new more high end events she’s planned in the last few years. Her work just continues to get better and better!


I didn’t really offer a comprehensive strategy in the beginning of my business. My process simply didn’t include it because I didn’t feel confident in the 10+ years of experience I had building websites. Yep, imposter syndrome is a nightmare. So I was really happy to be able to approach Madeline’s site in a more intentional way.

I thought her last site was for sure pretty! But it needed to be more thoughtful this time. I wanted people to land on her site and just feel welcome and excited. They are newly engaged and I wanted that emotion and joy to jump off the screen. We kept her site super streamlined, with 2 pages and a blog. This way, couples could quickly and easily learn everything they needed to know before reaching out to her. Her clients are a bit younger so I knew their time felt more fleeting so 2 pages is more than enough to communicate her value and expertise.

Design & Development

Before, Madeline’s site was so pretty. We used a lot special details and misalignment to make it feel custom and showcase as much of her work as possible through layered photos. I wanted to warm up the site but still keep some design details from before.

We stayed on Showit because it was still working wonderfully for her. We added some animation via “champagne bubbles” that come into view as you scroll. She also had some amazingly cute illustrations to incorporate which were a newer addition from her brand.

Probably my favorite part of the whole site are the buttons. Yep, you read that right. I custom coded them so each letter was a different color. I thought it looked like confetti! It’s such a small but meaningful detail that adds a ton of personality and whimsy to the overall design.

Her business is now ready for 2021 and the new high end, stress free approach to her events that she has. The messaging stays upbeat while showcasing her stunning work. I am so, so happy with how this turned out and seeing how much I’ve grown as a website creator and designer since 2017.

Experience all the fun and personality of the new Madeline Moore Events website! Are you ready to better represent your business and brand? Let’s chat!

Madeline Moore Events creates events with character that tells your heartfelt story with a dash of fun, minus the stress.

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