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Previously Launched: Krissy Campbell

August 5, 2020

Some of my favorite clients are event planners. They present a unique challenge that all their photography and work has been shot by different photographers with varied styles. I love working with all sorts of brand styles: bold, refined, minimal, ornate, the list goes on! Krissy Campbell booked us along with our friend Michelle of Mishku Studio to do her website and brand and it was such a great match!

Michelle created a beautiful, refined brand with delicate details and Krissy’s work reflects a high end aesthetic for her events and styled shoots. Once Michelle finished Krissy’s new brand, we fleshed out her messaging to a beautiful custom site that easily walks the visitor through her business and what makes Krissy so special.


Krissy was looking to attract more clients that had a high end approach to their special events and celebrations and were looking for a timeless look. She had a lot of solid copy and I wanted to make sure we highlighted her why behind her voice. Krissy also had some amazing photos that showed her attention to details so the design was all about balancing her copy, explaining her value, and showcasing her refined florals, fashion, and tablescapes.

Design & Development

The website design is made to be very minimal to show off as many images as we could fit in while leaving a lot of breathing room. I wanted the visitor to feel peace and calm on Krissy’s site. They can trust her to bring a timeless design to their celebration because she is more than an event planner. She brings her couple’s stories to another level so their guests truly experience what they’ve been through. The portfolio really drives home how thoughtful her and her team are when crafting an event.

Since Launch

Krissy had continued to blow us away with her work and talent. She is consistently creating stunning celebrations and we love to see her continue to flourish since her launch.

In her own words…

Before contacting you, I tried to learn more about DIY websites like Wix, etc. I pieced together what I could with imagery there to make it work. I knew I wanted to rebrand with a brand designer that worked with someone who could also design our website, so when considering you and Michelle as a package, it was perfect for what I needed!

When we worked together, I loved that no question was too small for you. You were totally reliable as the expert on all things website and telling our story through it. The logistics and design came together perfectly through you. My favorite part of working with you was I love that this process made me think more deeply and intentionally about the story I need and want to tell through my website! I also appreciated how organized everything felt through Asana!

I learned to be confident in who I am as a business owner and to trust professionals like yourself to help me navigate a system I wasn’t sure about. It was daunting before I started, but I learned that it just takes allowing yourself time to stop and think through it all. This process kept me accountable to that! This experience in some ways was very similar to what I do in designing celebrations and spaces for clients, so experiencing it in another way here, was really helpful!

Since launching, I have honestly felt more confident in how I convey who we are and share what we offer to prospective and current clients and vendors. It seems like I’ve already seen it reap rewards in the types of inquiries I am getting for the coming year.

Make sure to check out timeless Krissy’s site and if you’re ready for your own custom website experience, check out our available services!

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