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Previously Launched: House of Modern Letters

September 17, 2020

Silbia of House of Modern Letters is a really special person. She also owns and runs Camellia Fiber Company so she is one busy business owner. House of Modern Letters is all about calligraphy. We were first connected in 2019 after Silbia worked with Michelle of Mishku Studio to create a simply stunning brand. She also worked with Sandra Chau to style beautiful brand photography that showcased her style and talent effortlessly.

Silbia’s work presented a fun opportunity because she sells spot calligraphy for brands to elevate their look with organic, refined lettering. Up to that point, other than my own template shop, I hadn’t created a shop on a client site. I wanted to highlight her products and all of her work in a fluid and artistic way. Her site turned out amazing, if I do say so myself, and I’d love to share with you the details that stand out most to me.

Strategy & Design

When planning out Silbia’s site, I knew customers would be drawn to her beautiful lettering. I wanted the site to feel fluid and flow like calligraphy so I tried to stray away from defined sections and rigged layouts. I also made her main logo an overlay when you first land on the website because it plays into the artistic approach we were taking as well.

Her muted color palette and beautiful photos were a dream to work with and throughout the site, I added small moments that looked like a framed painting. I love that Silbia’s own handwriting is used throughout to add a personal touch.

Development of the shop

We used Shopify Lite to build Silbia’s shop. Shopify offers this plan if you don’t need an entire store on their site, but just the backend. You’re able to embed buttons on your website so the shop can be designed however you want.

I wanted her shop to feel familiar and easy to use so I designed a bit more structure on those pages but still pulled in beautiful details to keep it feeling light and airy like the rest of the site. We also added a pop of cool color by making her buy buttons purple.

I love how Silbia’s site turned out. It’s so artsy but has a lot of intention behind every moment. What’s your favorite part? Don’t forget to check out the site here.

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