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Recently Launched: Elevate Events with Rhema Design Co.

July 24, 2020

To say Elevate Events was a dream client is an understatement. Mallory and Kirstie reached out to me and on our consultation call, there were tears! I had never experienced that, people that were so genuinely excited and ready to work together. I knew when I was speaking to them, it wasn’t just that they were ready to invest in a custom website. They were ready to transform their business from the inside out.

Mallory and Kirstie are a sister duo who created Elevate Events in 2015. When I was speaking with them, I felt their heart and was blown away by their talent. I knew we needed to refine their brand as well and I was so, so happy we partnered with AnnaKate of Rhema Design Co. We’d worked together a couple of times in the past but this was a perfect opportunity for us both to do our absolute best work and team up.

AnnaKate and Elevate Events have also written blog posts about our time together. Make sure to give those a read, too! They break down things from their own perspective giving a lot more insight.

We approach every custom website with 4 essential phases that create the most beautiful but strategic website. Let’s walk through the process with this specific project.


After Mallory and Kirstie filled out their strategy questionnaire, sharing their goals and more about their business with me, I created a sitemap for their new site. This step is so important because it not only establishes the flow of the website (what call-to-actions we’ll have on each page), but outlines the goals of the site as well.

Every site has goals it needs to achieve when someone visits it. Elevate’s main goal was receiving well-informed, high end inquiries. So, my job was to explain the intentional design and functionality I’d be including in the new design. Once we were all on the same page, they signed off and it was time for my most favorite part of the process.


First, can we just ooh and ahh at this new beautiful brand created by AnnaKate? I mean, wow. I was so happy when I saw the visuals and strategy from her process as well that I had to work with on the site. I knew I’d be able to really immerse visitors into who Elevate Events is and their mission, to tell their client’s stories.

Elevate’s site is one of my most favorites I’ve ever created but let me break down the 5 elements that stand out to me the most from their site that I really think make it something special.

About Page

When we were discussing what to put on the about page, ideas were freely flowing. I wanted to create a connection to Mallory and Kirstie and let us all get a peek into their sisterhood. I knew showing how they are the similar but different could make a site visitor think, “Oh, I love that, too!” So we created a super cute quiz that allowed Mallory and Kirstie to each answer the same questions. It’s a small detail but makes them feel more human and relatable.

Corporate Site

Elevate Events doesn’t only create beautiful celebrations for life’s most special moments. They also work with corporate clients and while the main site needed to connect people to their message, the corporate site needed to be much more informative. The most fun part was using the exact same brand, just in a more serious way. We only used the pink of their palette to bring you back to the main site. The rest of the page, only the blues of the palette are used to keep things neutral and clean.


Because Elevate designs celebrations throughout people’s lives, we needed to categorize their portfolio. My favorite detail is the matted galleries (especially the wedding ones). The strategy behind scrolling through one photo at a time, with a fixed photo of the couple, was because with event planners, you need to notice the details. If Elevate were a photographer, we absolutely would want to show more photos at once since people want to book a creative photographer who takes a variety of compositions.

But for a planner, the visitor needs to think, “Wow! Look at those flowers!” then click to the next photo and say, “I need that cake for my wedding, too. I just have to have it.” Giving them a chance to focus on the special and unique elements that Elevate Events brought to that celebration shows their talent and eye for style to potential clients.

The Footer

One of the best spots to design of a website (in my opinion) is the footer. I love creating fun, unique footers. You don’t want to blow away your visitor with the rest of the site and the footer is whomp whomp. I love that Elevate’s footer is still simple but showcases their Instagram and helps you easily navigate the site. Plus, it’s just pretty, too.


Next up, it was Chris’ turn to develop the site. Because this was our biggest site to date, we split the work and it was so fun adding subtle, refined transitions and animations throughout the site. There’s also auto-scrolling galleries in places with more text so while people read, they can see more of their beautiful work. We wanted people to feel comfortable exploring the site and not feel the need to click away, so details like the quiz on the about page encourages participation on the site to find out more information.


With 2020 and all the chaos that has brought to the world, launching was a bit more tricky this time around than any other launch we’ve ever done. Not because the tech didn’t go smoothly, it did thankfully! But because the climate just felt off to celebrate. Weddings (all events really) were being delayed and moved, people were stuck at home. But we launched with joy and the response was so warm and happy. People were complimenting the site, celebrating alongside Mallory, Kirstie, and the whole Elevate team, and I may have cried a few happy tears of my own. This project started and ended with crying! But it was such a rewarding experience.

On that note, we’d love to help you achieve the same confidence, joy, and elevation within your own business! Learn more about our services and let’s connect!

Make sure to check out Elevate Events amazing site for yourself! To visit, click here!

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