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Should You Show Your Pricing on Your Website?

November 10, 2020

When working with clients or just giving website advice, one of the most asked questions I get from people is whether they should list their pricing on their website. I’ll tell you the short answer now: there is not right answer. There are pros and cons to every approach depending on a few factors.

I’ve both listed and not listed my pricing on my website in the past. I understand the fears and thoughts behind the decision to choose one way or the other. But let’s break down the why behind either showing or hiding your pricing on your website.

So, you want to showcase your pricing?

Showing your pricing on your website can have huge benefits for you. It’s beneficial when you’re first starting out because it makes it clear that people can afford your services. People who are well below your pricing may not reach out, but they most likely were not your ideal client.

When showing your pricing as well, you don’t have to have exact numbers. Having a starting at price or an average investment helps people gauge whether you are in their budget or not. If you get a lot of inquiries but they are rarely aligned with your current pricing, showing what they should expect to spend can bring you more inquiries that will convert. It helps you waste less time having to respond to people only to find out they want to invest way less than your current fees.

There are some valid reasons to not share your pricing on your website as well. Showing your exact pricing may lead to people reaching out but still negotiating on your pricing. They may nickel and dime you, looking to remove something from your package because “they won’t need that” even if it’s essential to your offering. It also can encourage price shopping for some business owners rather than booking because they really connect with a designer. Don’t be deterred by your competitors finding out your pricing however because more transparency ensures we are as an industry not undervaluing our work.

Pricing behind a barrier

Not showing pricing has more this or that results. It could lead to more inquiries since people need to reach out to you to find out how much it would be to work with you. I’ve heard the opposite as well where people don’t reach out to someone because they just assume they are too expensive. So it’s definitely something to keep in mind. The mindset of the potential inquiry matters a lot here.

You’ll have more inquiries to respond to and figure out if they are able to book you than if you list pricing, so that’s something else to think through. Yes, someone who thought you were out of their budget may realize you are the right one for their project after talking to you, but you have to weigh that time of talking to 10 people who won’t ever invest the type of money you charge.

A way to combat a lot of price shoppers or people reaching out and their email just says, “Pricing?” is to have a more extensive contact form for inquiries. People willing to answer more questions centered on their business, goals, and what they are looking to get out of their project helps you to know much earlier if they are aligned with your dream projects. I don’t recommend putting your pricing behind subscribing to your newsletter. People get discouraged from giving their information to you because then they will get additional emails and in addition to that, you get a subscriber but you know nothing more about them than they wanted to know your pricing. It’s not enough information to convert them into a client.

What about when you do value-based pricing?

When your pricing varies greatly because of value-based pricing, it is best to communicate the value you provide rather than focusing on numbers. Strategic questions on your contact form can help you figure out who you’d like to speak with further to potentially book them. Case studies also give you a great way to sell your services without outright sharing the price.

Your quality of work, your brand visuals, and your messaging will be key in connecting people to your work and wanting to work with you over others, regardless of price. They know working with you will get them results and they like who you are as a person. Consultations are key to booking people so you’ll want to make sure to include those in your process. That is the time you want to discuss pricing.

There’s no right or wrong answer but you want to make sure you are intentionally either showing or hiding your price and have a reason why. Think through both what types of clients you’re looking to book and if you have the time to process more inquiries that may not convert. But it’s always good to do what’s best for you!

One of my most asked questions is whether to put your pricing on your website. We'll cover the best way to show or hide your pricing and why.

#pricing #smallbusiness #websitedesign #websitestrategy #serviceprovider
One of my most asked questions is whether to put your pricing on your website. We'll cover the best way to show or hide your pricing and why.

#pricing #smallbusiness #websitedesign #websitestrategy #serviceprovider

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