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3 Ways Every Business Owner Benefits From a Custom Website

December 29, 2020

Custom websites are an investment, not a luxury. There are so many benefits to getting a custom website for your business. No matter where you are in your journey, your website can be the biggest asset to growing your income and credibility.

There is a lot of misconception around custom websites and what it means to have one versus using a template.

First, what is a custom website really?

A custom website is simply a website made with your needs in mind. Templates can be great for business owners looking for a smaller investment. However, to get every feature and detail you need, you’re buying multiple templates most likely and really running up your cost. Your website will start to feel cobbled together rather than cohesive.

For a long-term solution with room to grow, custom is the key. People tend to think custom means lots of pages. But you can have a custom site that’s only one page! A strategic approach needs custom to flourish. You can save time and money with template based pages for common needs (landing pages, sales pages, link pages, etc.) and still have a custom website strategy. A designer can make it all come together.

1. Custom Strategy

When you take the custom route, one of the benefits is that the strategy that is created can be carried out in every corner of the site. With goals and intention, you can focus on your messaging and conversion. At every stage of your business, you can clearly communicate to the right people who will be ideal clients, students, and customers.

You can also do some future planning and set yourself up for success by planning pages that you’ll need later. It helps to make those ideas faster to launch and get out into the world.

2. Designer’s Approach

When getting a custom website, especially when investing in a designer, you look more professional. Your website will be more cohesive and have a solid foundation to grow your brand and messaging. When you build a unique experience on your website, which is your strongest business tool, you can stand out in your industry.

3. Better Quality Conversions

When you’re able to create a unique experience around your business, you have more excited and passionate fans. Depending on whether you’re a service provider or you sell products, a custom site has huge benefits to your business.

For service providers, you more easily can connect to dream clients. You’re able to steer the ship entirely and build a clear connection with your site visitors. Strategically speaking to their pain points becomes a lot easier when you aren’t stuck into a template design that may not match your needs.

If you sell products, whether they are physical, digital, or courses, a custom site or shop can sell your products to highly engaged fans. It’s much easier to build community than a random list of buyers when you can really dig into what drives the visitor and how you are able to solve their problems.

Is your site a template or custom? Are you ready to invest in a custom website for your small business? Reach out and let’s connect!

There are so many benefits to having a strategic custom website created, whether you are newer to business or an established pro.

#customwebsite #showitwebsite #wordpresswebsite #websitedesign #websitestrategy
There are so many benefits to having a strategic custom website created, whether you are newer to business or an established pro.

#customwebsite #showitwebsite #wordpresswebsite #websitedesign #websitestrategy

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