Nice to meet you

I'm Stefani,
the heart and nerd behind this website studio.

I've been designing and coding websites since I was 12 and I still can't get enough. I love connecting strategy, design, and tech into one place and helping creative business owners make real money from pursuing their passions, with over 150 small businesses served since 2014.

What makes December Oak so special?

December Oak was created as a partnership with my husband, Chris. We work together with our creative partners to build truly unique and elevated websites for our clients. Our mission is to instill confidence and renewed passion for every business we work with to empower people to do what they love as their job.

Strategy + Intention

Even with 19 years of experience creating websites, I continue to educate myself every month to stay on top of the strategies that make money online.

elevated design

Drawing inspiration from fine art, music, film, and editorial, my design style aims to be unique, clean, and adapts well to any brand design.

no-touch tech support

Being a business owner doesn't mean you have to do it all. I'm more than happy to take on the launch tech to let you focus on what you do best!

How it all started

I first went into business in 2014 because I almost died. I know, what?! But I had my toughest year medically when I was 25 and after I woke up from a coma, I knew my life would never be the same.

And it hasn't been! I've created a business I love and get to create websites for a living. Can you say winning? Now that we tackled the tough stuff, let me share some fun with you!

guilty pleasure

horror movies


My cooking "skills"

favorite female powerhouses

Beyoncé & lady gaga

Dream vacation


our team

Building an amazing website takes a team and we are proud to have amazingly talented and passionate people on our roster.

Our partners

When you book, if you need more than just a website, we've got you! We partner with brand designers/strategists, copywriters, and brand photographers to uplevel every building block of your website so we know it'll not only convert but look beautiful doing it!


Part-time developer, full-time husband, lover of board games

I love getting to work with my husband! He helps me to develop our client's websites and even came up with our name! When we're not creating websites or working, we absolutely love playing board games with our friends and family. Catan is a staple of many game nights.

Our values

You are welcome here.

We want to be crystal clear where we stand when it comes to human rights. We value and respect every person. We all have the right to live our life to its most potential so long as we do not infringe on the rights and happiness of others.

Black Lives Matter. We stand with the LGBTQIA+ community and believe love is love. We stand with Indigenous people and their fights for equality. Women have a right to control their own body. POC deserve equal opportunities. No human being is illegal.

To say we passionately believe these to be true is an understatement. If for any reason you do not stand for basic human rights, we wish you the best but we aren't the best fit for your project.

Let's work together

No matter where you are in your business journey, we know a custom website can help you stand out, grow your income, and expand with you as your business takes off.

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Our Signature Course

Looking to diy?

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